We founded Rise Up Kids—in collaboration with an amazing guest—with the vision to give back in a valuable and meaningful way to the local community around Rise Up that we love and care for so much. After providing reliable and fair employment opportunities for locals, we believe that starting from the ground up and focusing on the upcoming generations is vital to the community as a whole. 

So—we chose the kids! They are one of the greatest and most important parts of the community today but also they are the future of our community and every community in the world. We strongly believe anything we can do for their future will help everyone. 

We have big dreams, and we are only getting started.

What We Value

Our Approach

• Start Small, Dream Big
• Involve Locals
• Make Sustainable Changes

What We're Working On

Our Projects

Take a look at some of the projects we have going on. Our first project is in the local community close to Rise Up's home base in Northern Nicaragua.

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