Thanks to the hard work and generosity of some of our guests, Rise Up Kids is now an NGO. This means that we are in a stronger position to help younger generations see a brighter future.

With your help, we can implement projects that will change the lives of young Nicaraguans and future generations to come.

The main focus of Rise Up Kids is helping the children in our community have better access to quality education. Here is a peak at our first project of renovating the local primary school in Asseradores.


Local School Renovation Pt. 1

The first phase of this project will include the following:

• New roof, windows, and doors
• New desks, fans, and whiteboards
• Rebuild the school fence for improved safety
• Fix the playground and build a garden
• Improve the plumbing system to give the kids access to clean drinking water

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• Provide a new stock of school supplies - including arts and sports
• Employ two new employees - a security guard to keep the school protected and a cleaning person to improve sanity measures
• Supply new garbage cans and implement a proper disposal system
•Foster a more consistent learning environment by developing a better way for teachers to get to and from the highway to school

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