Rise Up has always had a donation program for the local schools in the area and been involved with different short-term projects. However, we had always run into barriers to committing to a long-term project and setting up an official NGO in Nicaragua. Now, thanks to the hard work and generosity of our guests and people that believe in us, we are in a position to start sustainably helping younger generations see a brighter future. 

Together with our guests, we can accomplish greater things and take on projects that will change the lives of young Nicaraguans and future generations to come. 

Our current focus of Rise Up Kids is centred around helping kids access education. Here’s a look at our first project of renovating a local school in Aserradores.


Local School Renovation Pt. 1

The first phase of this project will include the following:

• New roof, new windows, new doors and full paint job
• New desks, fans and whiteboards
• Rebuilding the school fence to make it safe as it is currently hazardous for the kids
• Fix the playground and add a new school garden
• Improve the plumbing system so kids can have water at school

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• Provide full new stock of school supplies for writing, art, and sports
• Employ two new employees: a security guard and a cleaning person to make sure the school is safe, kept up and the garbage is disposed of properly. At the moment, Rise Up already pays a security guard but we may need to pay more once the school is fixed up to guarantee safety in the area
• Provide new garbage cans and implement a proper disposal system
• Find a sustainable way for teachers to get from the highway to school everyday to foster a more consistent learning environment

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